Twilight Farms offers a wide variety of horses for sale and services.  We try to provide the best quality horses for sale that we can find.  We want our clients happy and try to provide a overall good experience shopping for the perfect horse.  If we don't have what you are looking for simply send us an email and we will be glad to keep our eyes open for that perfect match for you.  All of our broke horses are used to hauling out to be ridden whether its a trail ride or a trip down to the city arena.  We teach the horses to tie at as many places as we can so you can literally jump off your horse on the trail and loop them to a tree if needed.  We offer a large amount of horses that were broke on ranches and used thru their early years which really makes for a well rounded and safe horse.  Our young horses are top of the line foundation bred most going back to the Blue Valentine and Hancock lines.  We try to offer as much color as we can but conformation and attitude comes first.  We do leave a lot of our colts studs because they have such great minds and I can't tell you how many people have looked at geldings and wished they were studs.  So if at anytime you see a colt that you'd like to purchase we will geld them for you at a fee of $350 if that is your wish.

A few questions that always come up are if we accept payment plans and do we send horses out on trial.  Unfortunately the answer is no to both.  We do accept credit cards for a small fee and most forms of payments.  We do not send horses out on trial either, you are more than welcome to come try them out as many times as you'd like.  They can be tried in the arena or haul out to a trail, we have several different trails in this area whether it be mountain terrain and fire trails, river bed and also have a wonderful trail with lots of water to cross, gorgeous trees and hills as well.      

We encourage all our buyers to have a vet preform a pre-purhcase exam especially if you have limited knowledge with horses.  All our horses will come fully vaccinated and de-wormed.  All our sales are final and all horses are sold as is so please make sure that any horse you are looking to purchase whether from us or elsewhere is a match for you before proceeding.  


Below is a list of vets in our area that can preform pre purchase exams.  We encourage you to ask pricing and call around so you know what to expect before making the appointment and make sure you are comfortable with the vet you choose.  A couple of these vets we do have to haul out to but you don't have to pay the farm fee then and they are available on shorter notice in most instances.  If our schedule permits we will haul out to a 20 mile radius for a fee of $50 for vet checks.  Anything further just depends on our schedule and will be a larger fee.

Dr Bryn Moser - 951-279-5070 (Very affordable services and available on short notice in most cases do have to haul out to her in Norco so a small fee of $50 would be charged for that)

Dr Thomas Hoyme - 909-627-2816 (Very affordable services, available on short notice.  We haul to his place in Chino which is a very short trailer ride.)

Foothill Equine - 626-446-3837 (Much more expensive than the upper 2.  It does have to be noted that this is our vet for any emergency work that needs to be done at the house just in case you believe it is a conflict of interest.  They are not available on short notice most of the time, and they do a lot of emergency work so we have had several instances where appts are canceled at the last minute.)  

Since we have a barn at Santa Anita another option is to take the horse to Santa Anita and have one of the several vets on grounds there do the pre purchase.  There are several vets there 7 days a week and the plus to this is there is no call fee.  Our everyday vets are racetrack vets and we feel they are the best at leg work since that is basically all they do.  Our main vet is Dr Liz Anderson based out of Santa Anita.  If you are interested in going this route please contact us and we would be glad to get you names and numbers of some other vets on the grounds.

Claytons War Wagon
Claytons Blu Avenger
Claytons Dun Oh
Claytons War Wagon
Shelter Island
Mahee and Prevailing
Sulaymondo and Fabrcaion
Poker Face
Path of David
Gale Warning and Vatican
Claytons Doll Train
Kuma and Kristin Mulhall
Hudson Sweet Cider
Louden's Gray
W. Giles
Franjelica and Translucent
Abatare and Denny and Rose Heindl
Claytons Bootlegger
Humberto Gomez
Mexican Groove
When We Met
Sunrise at Gulfstream Park
Tale of a Champion
Kings Romeo Blue
Sunrise at Santa Anita