Twilight Farms Quarter Horse Broodmare Band

We are slowly trying to build a quality broodmare band of Blue Valentine Hancock bred foundation mares.  Our program is based on the lines of C-J Ranch from Oklahoma.  The program that Lee and Jackie Jones have been working on for a lifetime and they have bred some of the best foundation Quarter horses a saddle could be put on.  From the colors to the conformation and minds you can't find a better horse than what they had to offer.  Our goals are to try to continue these lines on and have Lee's legacy continue.  We have purchased Lee's best stallion's and stallion prospects that he had to offer as well as the top of the line of his broodmare band.  Here you will find pictures and pedigrees of our current mares.  There will be price tags on some of them as well.  Our prices on our broodmares are not negotiable as we are trying to build our band so we really don't need to sell any.  But we feel most horses are for sale for a certain price so we will give you the opportunity to own one of these special mares.  


Claytons Red Girl

2004 Red Dun AQHA Mare


Foaled a gorgeous Grullo roan colt late this year by Claytons Bootlegger so we left her open for a early breeding in 2022.

Claytons Red Girl has produced some of the best colts we have the last couple years.  She is the dam of Claytons War Wagon, Claytons War Cry, Claytons Dun Oh and Claytons War Cat and Twilights Empress.  She throws gorgeous horses no matter what she is bred to.  She is RN/RN, e/e, a/a, D/nd1 so will throw a roan 100% of the time and has thrown all duns for us as well.  She throws incredible minds and great looks.  She is 18.75% Blue Valentine and has Joe Hancock, Red Man, Three Bars all in her lines as well.  Red Girl does have a very old injury to a hock from getting hung up in a barbwire fence.  It is a ugly large scar but it doesn't affect her. She has thrown 6 foals every year since this injury and has had no issues with it.  She gets her feet trimmed every 60 days and has no issues with that as well. 


Funny B Blue Misty

2006 Blue Roan AQHA Mare


$15,000 Foaled a gorgeous Blue Roan filly this year by a Percheron stallion and we did not breed her back so open for a early 2022 cover.

Misty is a own daughter of Leo Hancock Hayes out of a full sister to Hancocks Blue Boy and is 40.63% Blue Valentine, 21.09% Red Man and 16.80% Joe Hancock.  She foaled a gorgeous blue roan colt by Claytons Bootlegger on 5/21/20 and a absolutely gorgeous blue roan 1/2 percheron filly on 6/2/21.  We left her open to breed her early in 2022.  This mare is also E/E, a/a, RN/RN and 5 panel negative so she will throw a black based roan 100% of the time.  


Claytons Sweet Pea

2000 Buckskin mare by Romeo Blue

This mare will stay with us for the rest of her life.

Sweet Pea foaled a Blue roan colt by Claytons Bootlegger this year and will be bred back to Claytons Bootlegger or Claytons Gunslinger.  Her foals are available for sale. Sweet Pea is E/e, A/a, c/Cr, D/nd2 and 5 panel negative.