Twilight Farms will be raffling off a couple yearlings each year to give people the opportunity to own a well bred and good looking yearling for not a lot of money.  We will post as many pictures of each horse that we have.  The raffle will be live streamed on our Facebook page.  We will announce how many tickets will be sold prior to the start of the raffle and the money can be paid via our PayPal account.  Once payment is received we will email you with a list of the available numbers and you may choose your spot.  We will update the list several times a week on the bottom of this page.  If for any reason all the tickets are not sold and the raffle is canceled the money will be refunded via PayPal.  Once the money is sent it is not refundable unless we cancel the raffle for any reason.  If winner elects not to take the horse for any reason the money will not be refunded and the drawing will take place again.   Once the drawing is over the winner will be required to provide us with a vet reference and 2 equine references.  If for any reason we are not happy with the winning connections or feel they can not provide the proper care and home for the horse we will refund that person their money and have another drawing.  The winner will have 7 days to pick up their new horse and are responsible for all transportation costs and any health documents that may be needed if horse is crossing state lines.  If horse is not picked up within 7 days you will be charged $15 a day board.  All horses that are raffled will be current on vaccines, worming and feet trimmed.  Once they leave our property the sale is final.  They will be halter broke to lead and tie.  We will require you to sign and notarize a Bill of Sale that will be attached on this page for you to read.  The horse will come with registration papers and a signed transfer form.  Once you have your number or numbers please check the bottom of this page weekly for updates as to when the drawing will take place.  The PayPal link to purchase your spots will be on the bottom of this page as well.  Please note that your PayPal payment will show as paid to Twilight Racing LLC.

We are now selling tickets for CRUSADENRAIDERSHEART.  

Raider is a 2017 Grullo Roan colt registered with the AQHA.  He was born on March 25th 2017 and his registration number is 5799930.  If you like chrome then you will love this colt.  He is a gorgeous grullo roan with 4 white legs.  Raider is Blue Valentine top and bottom.  He carries 24% Blue Valentine blood, 18.75% Plenty Try, 15.63% Gooseberry, 12.5% Red Man, 12.3% Joe Hancock.  Raider is going to be a big colt.  He is already standing over 14.2 hands so we feel he will mature to over 15.2 and very stocky.  He has a huge engine on him as well.  Raider has a nice temperament and can go in any direction you wish.  Raider is halter broke, ties and is easy to handle for a colt.  He is currently turned out with other horses so has a few nicks here and there from playing.  He is a top class colt and a stunning color!  He turns a gorgeous silvery color in the summer time.  There will be photos of him in his summer coat as well.  He has a old scar on his left knee that is just superficial as you will see from the photo at the bottom of the page with the knee circled.  If you prefer a gelding we would be willing to geld him at your expense at the end of the drawing.  The charge for gelding will be $500 and he will be here an additional two weeks while healing.  The $500 will include vet and board fee's during that time.  The $500 will have to be paid prior to gelding.  Photos of his life stages are below.  He currently is getting his winter coat in.  There will be 45 numbers sold at $100 a piece for Raider.  If you have any questions regarding this gorgeous colt please send us an email thru the form at the bottom of this page.

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