Horses rescued by Twilight Farms

Here at Twilight Farms one of our main goals is to try to rescue as many horses as we can out of bad situations, from direct ship kill pens and out of kill auctions.  We take a percentage of the purse money each year made by Twilight Racing LLC owned horses and put that towards rescuing in need horses that we feel we can eventually place or provide a permanent home for them.  We have gone way past our spending limit pulling these horses because its so hard to leave some behind.  The majority of our horses we pull directly from Texas because they are the ones that are in dire need and the closest to shipping to slaughter.  We have found that the majority of the horses that are sold at California sales continue thru the pipeline and we have found them in Texas at sales which is pretty much their last resort.  When rescuing we try to only pull or purchase horses that are either in desperate need of rescuing or within days of shipping to slaughter.  There have been so many other horses that we wish we could have pulled and unfortunately were shipped which just breaks our heart but unfortunately funding is an issue with us since the costs of pulling, transportation, quarantine and health care are so expenisive.  It is nothing for us to have $4,000 to $5,000 into a rescue that only cost $800 to bail by the time we get them healthy enough to be placed into homes.  Most of the horses pulled from kill pens are extremely sick and a lot have chronic gutteral pouch infections and lots of them get strangles which take treatment and quarantine.  Below is a list of some of our expenses by the time we get the horses ready to be placed.

Bail - $350-$1500 Average costs $850 but Drafts can be $1,500 depending on their size

Quarantine - $450-$600 (30 days)

Farrier - $125-$250 (Corrective shoeing) every 6 weeks

Antibiotics - $150-$350

Flushing gutteral pouches if needed - $80 each time

Dental - $150

Worming - $85 (Panacur Powerpack)

Vaccinations - $180 (5 way and west niles two times)  We booster all rescues just in case they have never been vaccinated before.

Transportation - $800-$1200 (Depending on where they are coming from)

Feed and Care until they gain enough weight and are strong enough to be placed (Average is 3 months in our care) - $450 a month (Includes free fed pellets, rice bran, equine senior, fat cat and strongid 30 day wormer daily)

As you can see from the above list it is very easy to have $4,000 to $5,000 into these rescues just to get them back to a healthy condition and good weight.  We are only able to keep two rescues at a time and honestly they are draining us financially so I'm not sure how much longer we will be able to help these wonderful animals.  Any donations would be very helpful and would allow us to continue to pull more of these horses and get them to safety.  Below we will have links to our PayPal as well as before and after photos from some of our recent rescues.  We will also post updates on new horses that we pull and their current condition and costs that we have in them at the current time if you would like to help with one of them it would be greatly appreciated by us and the horses!

Click here if you'd like to donate towards the help with our rescues.  The more donations we get the more lives we can save!

This big nice paint gelding was pulled from Bowie Kill pen literally 10 minutes before loading on the truck to slaughter.  He was said to be a 14 year old gelding but we believe he is older than that.  He arrived to us on June 23rd and was quite sick and thin.  UPDATED PHOTOS AS OF AUGUST 15TH.





This wonderful 10 year old gelding was not supposed to be a rescue but it has turned out to be one as he had to enter our feed program for malnourished horses.  He was purchased mid May 2018 to be a trail horse/pony horse.  This guy is extremely well broke but we didn't realize what poor condition he was in when we purchased him.  His teeth look as if they have never been floated and he is in desperate need of some TLC.  We will treat him as one of our rescue horses then re-evaluate him in 30 days to see what our next steps will be with him.  Photos of when we first got him and updated photos of 2 weeks after purchase.  This guy has come around very quickly.  If he fills back out to what he was then he will be put back to work and evaluated to see if he can be offered for sale.

This page is still under construction.  We are still gathering photos of all our past rescues and loading them onto the website.  Information on each horse will be updated soon as well.

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