2005 14.2 Hand Red Dun AQHA Gelding



This gorgeous gelding is BROKE BROKE BROKE  and is as thick as he is tall.  An own son of Great Resolve that does all of the reining maneuvers plus has excel’d in ranch riding and ranch versatility classes!  He rides without a bridle just as well as he does with one.  Will lope the whole reining pattern with just a rope around his neck which just goes to show you how broke this gelding really is!!  This sweet boy is soft in the face and naturally packs his head low and bridled making him easy for a rookie rider to handle as he will tolerate somebody holding on to him yet he can also be pitched away and guides on a draped rein.  He'll change leads like a western riding horse and he's easy to spin and slide on.  This nice gelding has a very smooth lope that makes him extremely enjoyable to ride.  He loves outside riding as well and we've taken him out on the trails, through the pastures and over logs with him displaying no spookiness.  This is a well mannered gelding with no vices that is friendly and personable.  He has no history of soundness issues and is built stout and strong.  Has had current feet X-rays and has no signs of navicular or ringbone and passed flexions with flying colors.

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