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I have questions, can you give me a call?

Our cell signal is not always the greatest out here in the country so Email is our preferred method of contact and lets us keep track of our many conversations, however if you prefer to call or text feel free to. Our job is 24 hours a day 7 days a week caring for our dogs and horses, unfortunately we aren’t able to be on the phone all day while providing the level of care, attention, and socialization, and that we strive to uphold for our animals. We understand this is a big commitment and want everyone to be as comfortable as possible with our process.  We will contact you within 24 hours or less if we do not answer your call.

Can I visit your facility and meet your dogs before placing a deposit or picking my new puppy?


Our "facility" is our home. All of our puppies are raised here and cared for by our family. We aren't a pet store with business hours open to the public so, we currently only allow visits from those on our waiting list or those who are coming on scheduled visitation days to pick out or pick up their new puppy. 

For the safety of our dogs and young puppies as well, we do not allow tours of our home until the puppies have had their first set of shots at 6 weeks old then we will allow visitors to see the available puppies. ​​​

Are Doodles Hypoallergenic?

Technically, no dog is "hypoallergenic" as some people can be allergic to things other than fur like a dog's saliva or urine. Doodles have allergy friendly properties (fur), making them suitable for individuals who suffer from mild to moderate pet allergies.  


Do Doodles shed?

Our Doodles are low to non-shedding. We cannot guarantee any dog to be hypoallergenic or non-shedding as each coat can vary although shedding in our adult Doodles is generally very mild. F1Bs and Multigens will typically shed less (if any) than an F1. 

​​​What is the difference between F1, F2, F1B, etc?

Coat type will vary no matter what generation and breed of Doodle you choose. Typically, an F1 pairing will produce straight & wavy coats. F1B pairings typically produce wavy & curly coats. F2B and Multi-Gen pairings will typically produce straight, wavy, and curly coats. 

An F1 Doodle puppy is a result of two different purebred parent dogs. 

Example: A purebred Aussie x a purebred Poodle would make an F1 Aussiedoodle

*50/50 cross*

An F1B Doodle puppy is a result of an F1 Doodle parent and a purebred Poodle.

Example: An F1 Bernedoodle x a purebred Poodle would make an F1B Bernedoodle

*75/25 cross*

An F2 Doodle puppy is a result of an F1 Doodle and an F1 Doodle. 

Example: An F1 Aussiedoodle x an F1 Aussiedoodle would make an F2 Aussiedoodle

*50/50 cross*

An F2B Doodle puppy is the result of an F1 Doodle parent and an F1B Doodle parent. 

Example: An F1 Bernedoodle x an F1B Bernedoodle would make an F2B Bernedoodle

*75/25 cross*

A Multi-Gen Doodle puppy is the result of an F1B or higher gen parent and an F1B or higher gen parent. 

Example: An F2B Bernedoodle x an F1B Bernedoodle would make a Multi-Gen Bernedoodle

*cross percentage dependent on generations*​

What sizes do you work with?

We work primarily with larger mini sizes. 

*Please note that we cannot guarantee adult weight and/or height*

Our Mini Australian Shepherds & Aussiedoodles are generally 15-30+ pounds at maturity.


Our Standard Australian Shepherds & Aussiedoodles are generally 40-70 pounds at maturity.

Every now and then we will have "medium" size litters that fall between Mini and Standard. Estimated size will depend on exact pairing and breed. 


What colors do your Dogs come in?

Our Doodles come in a variety of colors such as Tricolor, Phantom, Black and White, Sable and Merle.  Our Australian Shepherds come in every possible color including both red and black tri's and red and blue merles.


Are your dogs health tested?

All of our parent dogs are extensively health tested or in the process of completing their health testing. Health testing results for each parent dog can be viewed on our "parents" tab.  They cannot get their final OFA's until after their 2 year old birthdays but we do prelims prior to breeding then we schedule the their finals after their 2 year old birthday as long as they aren't pregnant.  We do not X-ray our girls while pregnant so in that instance the finals will be completed once their litter is weaned.  If they do not pass their prelims they will NOT enter our breeding program and will be spayed. 


Do Doodles & Aussies enjoy hiking/being outdoors?

Yes! The majority of our puppies go to active families who enjoy outdoors activities together. 


Are Doodles & Aussies good with kids?

Yes! Our puppies are raised in our home and make wonderful family dogs!


How does your waiting list work?

To have a spot on our waiting list is $500 NON REFUNDABLE deposit that will go towards the puppy of your choice.  Once the litter is born we will notify everyone on the list in the order they were placed on the list and update the site with photos.  We will price them no later than 6 weeks of age and notify everyone once again when the prices will be listed.  With these breeds we are unsure of eye color until about 6 weeks of age which is why we wait so long to price them and make them available.  If you don't care about eye coloring then contact us and we will price the puppy.

What are your policies on tail docking and dew claw removal?


We do not crop our puppies tails.  We believe in leaving them natural.  Here is some information on tails and dew claw removal.

Most poodles and Australian shepherds have their tails docked(cut off) and dew claws removed. These procedures are usually performed at 3 days old.

Why are dogs tails docked (cut off)?  

To adhere to a breed standard.

A Breed Standard is the description a Breed Club -Such as the AKC (American Kennel Club Poodle and Australian Shepard breeds) creates to describe what they believe to be the 'perfect' looking example of the breed. They cannot be shown in conformation shows with a full tail.

To avoid tail damage.


This is the most important reason for docking a tail. Australian Shepherds were raised in the rough western areas of the United States, which, have tough weeds, tall grasses, and plenty of other hazards. Poodles were hunting dogs and would encounter similar conditions. These conditions can lead to torn and bleeding tails, which, can be painful and hard to treat. The average family pup is not exposed to these conditions.

Tails are important!  Why?

Tails are used in communication.

The tail is highly visible and serves as a sort of signal flag that communicates information about the animal's emotional state. Variables such as how high the dog carries his tail, how quickly the dog is moving his tail, and even whether the tail is being wagged more to the left or right side of the body can convey a lot of information about how the dog is feeling, his mood, and even his intentions. Dogs with very short tails, either because of the nature of their breed (for example the French Bulldog is born with a little stump of a tail which is about 1 inch in length) or because their tails have been docked, cannot communicate as well and such dogs often have difficulties interacting with other canines.

The surface of the dogs tails have supracaudal scent glands (also called Violet Gland), which helps in intra-species signaling and scent marking – Olfactory signaling. The supracaudal glands or the Violet glands, in dogs, are found above the 9th caudal vertebra and secretes protein and lipids (molecules include fats and oils, waxes, phospholipids, steroids). This means when you amputate the tail you are removing part of or all of this vital gland too. The greeting pattern in dogs usually differs from breed to breed, due to the presence or absence of supracaudal scent glands. Since the supracaudal gland supports the olfactory signaling, the absence of the gland causes lack of ear movement, and reduces tail wagging. This, in turn, causes a change in communicative behavior.

Tails are used for balance.

The dog's tail is designed to assist the dog in his balance. When a dog is running and turns quickly he throws the front part of his body in the direction he wants to go. His back then bends but his forward velocity is such that his hind quarters will tend to continue in the original direction. Left unchecked, this movement might result in the dog's rear swinging widely which could greatly slow his rate of movement or even cause the dog to topple over as he tries to make a high speed turn. The dog's tail helps to prevent this. Throwing his tail in the same direction that his body is turning serves as a sort of counter weight which reduces the tendency to spin off course.  Tails are also used in swimming as a rudder and counter balance.

Here at Twilight Farms we leave our puppies intact. We do not dock our puppies’ tails.

Tail docking is banned in many areas in Europe because their citizens and therefore their governments, view this as cruelty to animals.


What do dew claws do?

Traditionally Poodles and Aussies have had their dew claws (thumbs) completely removed. The reasons we have found for dew claws being removed:

If they are not removed they may get 'caught' on things and torn off.

Poodles and Aussies have functional thumbs while a few breeds do not as should be removed. Functional dew claws are used in steep terrain, for traction in quick turns and to grasp things.

Dew claws are held close to the leg except when running at speed or grasping things like bones to chew so are unlikely to get caught.

by Chris Zink, DVM, PhD
(as seen in Dogs In Canada – September 2003)

 In the last several years, while doing sports-medicine consultations for performance dogs across Canada and the United States, I have seen many canine athletes with carpal arthritis. Interestingly, this condition is much more common in dogs that have had their 
front dewclaws removed.

To understand why, it is helpful to understand the structure of the carpus. This joint consists of seven bones that fit together like fieldstones that are used to build the walls of a house
The carpus joins to the radia and ulnar bones (equivalent to our lower arm), and to the metacarpal bones (equivalent to our hand). Each bone of the carpus has a convex or concave side that matches a curve on the adjacent bone. Unlike the bones of the elbow, for example.

The elbow bones have ridges that slide into interlocking grooves the bones of the carpus do not have ridges that slide into interlocking grooves on the adjacent bone. The relatively loose fit of 
the carpal bones is supported by ligaments that join each of the carpal bones to the adjacent bones.

With so many carpal bones that don't tightly interlock with the adjacent bones, the ligaments of 
this joint can be easily stretched and even torn when torque (twisting) is applied to the leg. The dewclaws have the important function of reducing the torque that is applied to the front legs, especially when dogs are turning at a canter (the main gait used 
in agility).

In the canter, there is a moment during each stride when the dog's accessory carpal pad (on the back of the carpus) of the lead front leg touches the ground and the rear legs and other front leg swing forward to prepare for the next stride. At this point, the dewclaw is in contact with the ground and if the dog turns, the dewclaw can dig in for extra traction to prevent unnecessary torque on the front leg. Without the gripping action of the dog's 'thumbs’ there is 
more stress on the ligaments of the carpus. This may cause the ligaments to stretch and tear over time, resulting in joint laxity and ultimately, arthritis. Therefore we do not remove the dew!


What is the total price?

Each breed is priced differently. We will post approx. prices on puppies once we are expecting or shortly after the litter is born. Finally prices will depend on conformation, coloring and eye coloring.



We are always accepting deposits for our future puppies! Deposits are $500 and will go towards the final purchase price of your puppy. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to any future litter. While we cannot guarantee we will have the specific gender, color, or coat type of your choice from your desired litter, we CAN guarantee that you will get a healthy and happy new family member! We try our very best to make an educated guess about what puppies we will be expecting, but Mother Nature ultimately decides what we get and when! You are more than welcome to skip any available litter and wait for the perfect puppy. We place everyone on our list in order of deposits received, In the event a litter is not produced like we had hoped for, there aren't enough puppies out of your preferred litter, or one doesn't meet your criteria, then your deposit will go towards our next available litter. By placing your deposit with us we assume you agree to these terms. 


The following payment methods are accepted for deposits: 

Venmo: (Contact us for our username) Venmo is easy to set up and is the quickest way to get your deposit to us!

PayPal: "Friends and Family" only otherwise we will add a 3% charge.

Zelle, Apple Pay and Cash are also accepted.


  Please contact us and let us know if you would like to be placed on our waiting list prior to sending your deposit to receive our deposit form.  


Visitors are welcome on "puppy party" days where wait list families can come to visit their puppy after they have had their first set of vaccines. If a puppy becomes available after the set pick out day arrangements for visitations can be made (only for those on our waiting list), Before visiting, please avoid going to pet stores, animal shelters, dog parks, or any other high traffic areas where other animals frequent. We ask that you remove shoes and sanitize your hands before interacting with the puppies to avoid the spread of disease like the common, but lethal Canine Parvovirus. We do not operate a kennel, our dogs are our family and are raised in our home. Because of this we do not have business hours for people to stop by and play with our puppies nor do we allow visits from anyone who is not on our waiting list and in line to choose their puppy on scheduled visitation days. For the safety of our dogs and young puppies as well as our family, we do not allow tours of our home. 


For families on our waiting lists, final payment on your chosen puppy is due 2 weeks before your litter's pick-up date. If for any reason we haven't received the final payment by this time, your chosen puppy and spot in line will be lost. Your puppy will be considered yours once your Deposit and Final Payment are received. If you need delivery, all shipping fees will be due along with the remaining balance of your puppy. If final payments will be made via check or credit card they must be made 2 weeks prior to pickup. The only form of payment acceptable at pick up will be Cash, Venmo, Zelle or a Cashier's check.  We reserve the right to cancel any sale if we feel you are not the right home for the puppy.


Deposits are nonrefundable, please only place a deposit if you are certain you will be ready for a new puppy in the next 18 months! After the puppy has left our care, the new family has 2 days to take the puppy in to see a vet for a physical examination. If the puppy were to be found in ill health with any life threatening disease, the cause of which we as breeders were to blame, only then can the puppy be returned for a full refund. Shipping fees, if any, would not be refunded. 



HAND-DELIVERY: We can hand-deliver your puppy to an airport near you! Your puppy will fly as carry-on with our "flight nanny" in the comfort and protection of the airplane cabin. Hand-delivery to the continental US starts at $550 (depending on location). This will include your puppy's health certificate, soft crate, flight, and transportation to the airport. We can also hand-deliver to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and other countries outside of the continental US, but prices vary by location.  


Ground transportation is available depending on the location.  WI, IL, KY, TN, MS and anything east of those states is $300.  Anything west of those states all the way to Ca is $400.  Any area in Ohio is $200 to be delivered.  Ground transport leaves every Tuesday so in order to get on the schedule arrangements must be finalized and puppy paid for in full by Friday before 5PM EST.


PET SAFE AIR CARGO: This is the most common way to puppies are transported.  WE WILL NOT FLY OUR PUPPIES ON CARGO.  Too many horror stories of dogs getting lost and it is a extremely traumatizing experience for a young puppy that just left his/her mom and siblings when they can fly in the comfort of a puppy nanny. 

You are welcome to fly in and take your puppy home as a carry-on. We can meet you at Cleveland or Columbus international airport as well!

Local families and those who wish to drive to pick up their puppy are welcome on scheduled puppy pick-up dates!


We stand behind each puppy we sell, and each one will come with a 1-Year Health Guarantee! We guarantee your puppy to be free from any life threatening congenital defect or we will replace your puppy free of charge, however buyer is responsible for shipping and vet fees.


*Certain guideline must be met in order to qualify for our guarantee. Please request to see our contract if you are interested in learning more*



All puppies will come with age appropriate shots, microchipped and de-wormed regularly.  All litters will be registered with the ICA or the ASDR.  The registration application will arrive with your puppy along with the forms to register his or her microchip and a health history with vaccination and de-worming dates.  We recommend you register your microchip the day your puppy comes home.  Even though the puppies will be vaccinated we do not recommend you taking them out in the public until they are finished with their shots.  If your puppy does fly do not put them on the ground in the parking lot to go potty.  Please bring pads with you for them in the car.  Too many animals cycle thru airports and we don't want your new family member contracting an illness like parvo.  We also recommend getting your puppy an Apple air tag for his or her collar. 


After lots of research, debating, and talking to other Doodle breeders about this topic, we have decided to keep our puppies’ dewclaws intact.


The dewclaw is like a dog’s thumb and is used to help a dog maneuver while running, enables them to climb and grip objects such as bones, and is connected to other tendons in the wrist. They are not dead appendages. Removing the claw is not only extremely painful, but damages those tendons which can lead to arthritis. In our medium to large breed dogs especially, we want to minimize the risk of arthritis as much as we can. 


We have had several dogs who all have their dewclaws intact and have seen the difference having this claw makes. Removing dewclaws, tail docking, and ear cropping is outlawed in Europe and many other countries. The United States is one of the few that still allows these procedures to be done purely for cosmetic reasons. From here on out we will be implementing this new policy, dewclaws will not be removed (unless detached with a possibility of causing issues in adulthood). 


We do not offer tail docking on any of our Doodle or Aussie puppies. All Australian Shepherd & Aussiedoodle tails will be left natural.

We believe dogs were given thumbs and tails for a reason!



We make every attempt to be as accommodating as possible, and can keep your puppy for a period beyond the normal pick up date if the need arises. There is a $100/week boarding fee for every week after the puppies are available to be picked up, starting on the first day. This covers the cost of food, any supplies needed, and time spent caring for/socializing your puppy. We will board your puppy for up to 2 weeks past the pickup or delivery date (if available) and must be discussed prior.  But please remember that puppies form a very strong bond and are best socialized between 8-12 weeks so it is very important for them to meet their new family as soon as possible!  


Occasionally, circumstances change or a puppy does not work out in his or her new home for various reasons. In these or other similar situations we are more than happy to take the puppy or adult dog back until a new home can be found. We do not offer refunds past the 2 day mark after the puppy has gone to their new home and exchanges can only be made within our 1-year guarantee window if your puppy was found to have a genetic defect.  PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE SURRENDER ANY PUPPY OR ADULT DOG PURCHASED FROM US TO A SHELTER OR RESCUE.  WE ASK THAT WE ARE CONTACTED AND WILL ARRANGE SHIPPING TO BRING THE DOG BACK HOME AND FIND A PROPER HOME FOR HIM OR HER.  We don't want any of our past puppies to ever be in a situation where they are homeless.  They are ALWAYS welcome back in our home!


Each puppy will be sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. Breeding rights are available on certain dogs to small, approved breeders for a additional $750 a dog. Please contact us about breeding rights. 

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