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Services Offered

We just recently relocated to the beautiful hill country part of Ohio from Southern California to give our horses and dogs the proper land and pasture to enjoy.  We will be offering permanent retirement to a select few customers with several services offered.  They can be out to pasture 24/7 or brought into a box stall as well.  All our horses are free fed quality hay and grain or supplements as needed.  We will be charging a flat rate of $1,000 a month which will include trimming.  Horses will be brought into box stalls in the bad weather.   If you provide a blanket we will blanket them.  Only additional charges would be vet care, if they need shoes and any supplements they would need.

If you have a horse that needs to be temporarily laid up and rehabbed contact us for a price and availability.

We will not ride outside horses however we do invite all clients to come relax and spend a few days to visit their retired horses and enjoy the country out here!  We have plenty of horses to take you out on some gorgeous trail rides or even a carriage ride down the back roads! 

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